Purpose in Fashion


Given I kicked off 2021 with a desire to see a more noble world, this is the first edition of my new weekly blog to celebrate brands and businesses that are changing the world for the better. Hope you enjoy.

Anyone who has done my Purpose Academy Course or attended one of my Purpose Sprint workshops knows I have a pretty major brand crush on Patagonia. Famous for their durable, eco-friendly apparel, Patagonia’s purpose is to be in business to save our home planet. A recent example of this in action, involved Patagonia using their marketing clout to support grassroots energy – clean energy by citizens, for citizens. Transferring the power dynamic (literally) away from the big energy conglomerates to community ownership to help safe guard pricing and to support local economies. Patagonia call the campaign ‘We the Power’ and have created a documentary, ad campaign and networking site to connect consumers with energy communities throughout Europe. Imagine a world where we not only embraced clean energy, but we all played a role in both the production and consumption of it. Count me in.

Patagonia – We the Power Campaign


In the last twelve months Gucci has been a real stand out for me. My friends (and husband) know I am very partial to a Gucci handbag, but I felt even better about my Gucci fetish when I discovered Gucci Equilibrium. Here you can see how Gucci is putting its purpose of generating positive change for people and our planet into action. From going fur free, supporting circular fashion, gender fluid fashion, refugee inclusion, addressing violence against women to sustainable leather. Gucci is using its powerful brand voice to drive positive change and practicing what they preach through their products. Style with substance.

Another purpose-driven brand is Nike and I was blown away when I saw the Nike FlyEase – a shoe designed for people with disabilities. What better way to demonstrate their purpose, ‘To move the world forward through the power of sport – breaking barriers and building community to change the game for all. *If you have a body, you are an athlete’. The FlyEase is literally the ‘Mic Drop’ at the end of Nike’s purpose statement. Love it.


Nike FlyEase Journey

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