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Why Business can’t afford to not have a clearly defined Purpose

The saying ‘Money Talks’ has never been more pertinent as we face the head winds of climate change, a range of global health crisis and a political environment that ranges from dysfunctional to deeply ineffectual. This letter written by Larry Fink the CEO of Blackrock the world’s largest asset manager, addressed to the world’s leading […]

Nike stands for something, so it stands out

This is a great article that demonstrates how being Purpose-driven has enabled Nike to maintain its market leadership position over a number of decades, with consistent distance between itself and the No.2 brand over that period. With the brand now worth $32.4 Billion, it is interesting to see that this valuation has been attributed to […]

Purpose can provide a powerful context for decision making

This is a great article and a great agenda for the AICD to be driving amongst their network of Directors. Whilst governance across the financial performance and risk profile of a business is incredibly important, a Board’s ability to have focus on the future direction of a business requires a clear articulation and understanding of […]